Mexican Theme – Restaurant City

The Japanese Theme pack was 3 weeks in length when Playfish released it. This caused an uproar amongst the restaurant industry. Seaweed, Wasabi, Sushi and Wasabi suddenly become hot products and became a huge demand at the trade windows.

Now let’s take a look the Mexican Theme. It was released a few days ago. While I am aware that I should have completed this review before the Theme Pack was available, I wanted to know what additional items Playfish would offer.

The Mexican Theme ended up lasting for less than a week. The next Add-On Pack will be in Alice in Wonderland.

It is not an impossible task. I am referring to the fact that I converted my little restaurant into a Mexican Wallpapers and other decoration are well done. I love the Mariachi Band but its price of around 90k is too high for me.

The Mexican Theme contains very little, so I needed to spend more money to purchase western decorations. I have been very fortunate that the Mexican theme and Western themes work well together. The only thing I didn’t like about the cactus seat was its shape. It was weird to ask my customers if they would like to be seated on pin cushions or spikes.

The Mexican Themes menu is limited in terms of dishes. It only offers one new dish, and it doesn’t offer any drinks.

The promotion was only for one week. Playfish didn’t have much to do with it, as there wasn’t much response. Let’s just hope that this Alice in Wonderland Theme doesn’t last as long.